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Wrote a script that automates changing a character’s timing in Flash – specifically for characters made of nested graphic symbols ( ex: mouth symbol inside head symbol inside character symbol, etc — the script can tunnel into the hierarchy as deep as you want it to go )

Check out the video for an explanation ( or click here for a higher quality version ):

( ^least favorite part of this project was discovering that I say “mkay”… sorry to everyone )


some useful links:

how to install scripts

how to create keyboard shortcuts


click here to download the script and the example FLA

( made in Flash CS5– should also work with CS4, though I’m not certain about versions previous to that )


… and some notes from the file:

// this was written quickly just for my personal work, yadda, yadda
// -- with luck, it should get the job done
// -- but there is almost no error checking, etc.
// Save before using! Sorry if you encounter forever loops! ( I haven't but ? )
// With that said, I think there are people who will find this script helpful
// if you find any bugs or have ideas for features-- let me know.
// -- can't promise that I'll make the changes but I will look into it
//ross klettke



There’s no particular order to this– just a bunch of short films I like a lot.  Like, a lot a lot.

–and there are a few notes added here and there.

Unfortunately, some of these films can be hard to find, even online– or maybe they are on websites that feel frighteningly ephemeral — so for a few of the links, I can only push you in a promising direction.  Anyways, good luck and hope you enjoy the films!



Peter and the Wolf
by Suzie Templeton

you can also get it on iTunes

some photos from the production


by Jonas Geirnaert


La Revolution Des Crabes
by Arthur de Pins


by Jérémy Clapin

He’s created some other short films too


Story from North America
by Garrett Davis and Kirsten Lepore

and Kirsten Lepore created this film, which is also very nice


Bubnov’s Sherlock Holmes
by Aleksandr Bubnov

( you may have to manually turn on English subtitles– just hover your mouse over the video on the Daily Motion page )

Bubnov is trying to raise funds for his next Sherlock Holmes film–  here for details


A Town Called Panic
by Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar

There are a number of short films under the umbrella of A Town Called Panic.  And there’s a movie too with this song in it.

Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar were also responsible for Pic Pic et André ( 1 | 2  )


Black Fly
by Christopher Hinton


The Man Who Planted Trees
by Frédéric Back


There are so many good films out there– maybe another list for another day.

Thanks for watching!  Following is a little making-of for the film– read on if you’re interested

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