Wrote a script that automates changing a character’s timing in Flash –¬†specifically for characters made of nested graphic symbols ( ex: mouth symbol inside head symbol inside character symbol, etc — the script can tunnel into the hierarchy as deep as you want it to go )

Check out the video for an explanation ( or click here for a higher quality version ):

( ^least favorite part of this project was discovering that I say “mkay”… sorry to everyone )


some useful links:

how to install scripts

how to create keyboard shortcuts


click here to download the script and the example FLA

( made in Flash CS5– should also work with CS4, though I’m not certain about versions previous to that )


… and some notes from the file:

// this was written quickly just for my personal work, yadda, yadda
// -- with luck, it should get the job done
// -- but there is almost no error checking, etc.
// Save before using! Sorry if you encounter forever loops! ( I haven't but ? )
// With that said, I think there are people who will find this script helpful
// if you find any bugs or have ideas for features-- let me know.
// -- can't promise that I'll make the changes but I will look into it
//ross klettke



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Josiah - 12 Apr 12 at 18:49:10

This is Awesome! I like it!